XtGems blogging function
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Blog is used to publish articles and snippets of information, while allowing visitors to comment on them.
You can use a twig template for xtgems blog function
The code for the template is available HERE
To use twig for the blog function create a folder named _xtgem_templates
And copy the code from the above link to xtblog.twig
Twig documentation
The best way to find out about the latest updates or the twig template for the blog function is to visit the xtgem forum
XtGems Forum
There is an extra piece of twig code for the blog that shows the tags associated with a post in the post list
this code should be inserted in to the xtblog.twig file in the
{% block entries_list %} area that displays the post list
It's exact position depends on where you wish to show the tags but it should be inside the div
<div class="xt_item">
this code is just a suggestion you can customize it to suit your blog
To activate the feature add include_tags_in_post_list="1" to the xtblog function
This script has the effect of disabling the [img] tag in blog comments without blocking emoticons
Replace the line
<div class="xt_blog_comment_content">{{ comment.message|raw }}</div>
in the comments_list macro (it's just over half way down) with this code