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Single page thumbnail gallery filelist with descriptions and individual xtgem polls for rating the images

Xtscript image gallery

See http://syntax.xtgem.com/gallery
The script creates a paged display of css resized thumbnails
when images are clicked the landing page shows the image plus name type file size and date with open and download buttons a description and a xtgem poll for rating the image
As the actual filelist is not in the xtscript the problem with timeouts for large folders should not occur.

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All the settings are at the top of the xtscript.

The descriptions use the xtscript "source" function the default setting looks for the descriptions folder in the same folder or directory as the gallery page
You can set your own path and descriptions folder name in the settings the path must be relative to the page containing the script not the root directory.
There is also a setting to convert newlines into <br /> tags otherwise they will be ignored.
The description file can be plain text or html and must have the same name as the image without any extension
The descriptions can contain any normal html or javascript and most xt functions and xt widgets.
They cannot contain xtscript
If the description is a html page only the content between the body tags is used (including the container) and newlines are ignored except in text blocks
If there is no description file for an image no description block will be shown.

Unique polls for each image are created by using part of a md5 hash of the url + the filename so if the url is changed so are the polls.
Some javascript is used in the xtscript to change some of the classes and the submit button text in the poll xtfunction.

As the actual filelist function is outside of the xtscript the timeout for large folders should not happen.

Copy the script to a code block or copy it to a plaintext file and include it on the page.
You can also "remote server" upload it fromAnd then include it on your page
Suggest more features in the comments above or on the forum post sensible and possible ones will be added


This css stylesheet is just a demo
It contains most of the classes you will need
copy it to a plain text file named gallery.css
and link to it in your page header using something likeYou can also "remote server" upload it from
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