The XtGem authorisation bar
The xt:auth system allows visitors to It allows you to The login signup and subscribe link will be shown at the top right of all your pages
If you wish to remove it from a page add
<xt:auth skip="yes" />

If you want to remove the auth bar from all pages add it to _headtags
There is one other auth function
<xt:is_logged_in />

Which will return 1 or 0 depending on the login state of the user
This javascript can be used to customize the auth bar
It is set with the default css
auth uses an iframe you can only style the iframe not the contents
<div id="auth"><xt:auth /></div>
  var auth=document.getElementById("auth");
  var style=auth.getElementsByTagName("style");
  var iframe=auth.getElementsByTagName("iframe");
  style[0].innerHTML="html { padding-top: 26px; } #xt_auth_iframe { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; background: transparent; }"
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