The internal stylesheet editor is used to extend existing classes or to create new classes that will only apply on the current page
Copy css from other file
Copy classes from another pages internal stylesheet to this page
The CSS editor
The editor creates a
<style type="text/css">
tag in the
area of the page
The look of the editor will vary between templates but the basics are the same
Start by clicking on add class and give your class a name
Leave the pseudo class blank
They are mostly used to style the various states of a link and the :before and :after pseudo elements
[E + -] .myclass
Click on the name of your class then on add property
Click on Background and then on Background color
Use the menu to select one of the 16 preset color names or enter a 3 or 6 digit hex value
this is a basic css class and it will be available on the current page in the class selector for any building tool block that has a class selector or in HTML code blocks
For more complex classes and to learn about pseudo classes etc you should study a CSS tutorial
You cannot style HTML tags directly using the editor