Xtgems paged content functions
HTML only
Use XtGems paging functions to create multiple pages within one page
To start the paged area use a code block containing
A page break is inserted using this code
(you can add as many pages as you wish)
To close the paged area use
Pages can contain almost anything
Except blog forum guestbook and chatroom functions as these will lose track of the page variable
Advanced users may be able to fix this in the twig files by ensuring the page variable is always passed on
The current page number is held in the variable __xt_content_page
You can only have one paged area on a page
this is above the paged area so it will always show
The first page
This is the content that will show when the page first loads
this is below the paged area so it will always show
Xt pagination tags have an issue with parked domains
As a workaround add this to the bottom of the page
It targets the pagination links and replaces the domain with the
value which should work for multiple parked domains and the original xtgem one
Replace YOUR_SITE.XTGEM.COM with your xtgem site and domain NO http
The standard pagination links are styled by reference to the
class on the
The current page is marked with the class
on the outer