Countdown (or up) function
HTML only
This function can be used to create countdowns in years months days hours or seconds
from and to can be almost any reasonable string that represents a date or a relative moment in time like now today yesterday tomorrow midnight and even things like next monday basically try it you never know it may work
Seconds <xt:countdown format="seconds" from="now" to="tomorrow"/><br />
Minutes <xt:countdown format="minutes" from="now" to="next monday"/><br />
Hours <xt:countdown format="hours"   from="now" to="2100-01-01 00:00:01"/><br />
Days <xt:countdown format="days"    from="now" to="1st january 2100 00:00:01"/><br />
Days till christmas <xt:countdown format="days" from="now" to="dec 25th"/>
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Seconds 8344
Minutes 1579
Hours 707516
Days 29499
Days till christmas 304