Site search on Google
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A Google site search block
The results are displayed on Google not on your site
The only parameter is for the search button text
There are two css classes you can use to style the search form plus two standard xtgem template classes
/* Outer holder div*/
.sitesearch { }
/* Input field*/
.sitesearch_phrase { }
These standard template classes are also used
/*input span wrapper*/
.xt_input { }
/*submit button*/
.xt_button { }
Html code
<xt:sitesearch search_phrase="Search my site" />
Google is not instant or simple
There will not be much to find until Google discovers and crawls your site
This can take up to 3 months or even longer after you create your site and pages !
There are some steps you can take to try and speed up this process
Google likes sensible meaningful page titles fancy js page title scripts or non standard characters in the title can harm your sites SEO
Page meta description is important Get it right and keep it short and relevant to the pages content
Google claims that the keywords meta tag is not used
If you do use this don't flood it with hundreds of spam keywords keep them relevent
There are a whole load of other tools and information on the Google webmasters site