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Paged content functions

From html only
Advanced users only
To create paged content on your sites there are some special function codes
To start the paged area use a code block containing
A paged content break is defined using this code.
(you can have as many paged content blocks as you wish)
To close the paged area use
Great care must be taken to ensure your paging functions and paged content are correctly placed within your main pages containers Xt script custom paging scripts can also be used with the paging function
Use custom paging
Use standard paging

This is above the paged area so it will appear on all pages This text is in the first (default) paged block and will show when your page first loads
Any type of Xtgem building tool block , html code , javascript , Xtscript or widget can be used to construct your paged content blocks
United States Unknown
This is below the paged area so it will also appear on all pages

Paged content functions

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