The html anchor link is one of the most basic items in html
Add block - Basics - Link
Use the file browser to select a local file or page
Or else you can add the address yourself
There is a special query string variable that can be added to the url of files uploaded to your XtGem site that will cause files to download instead of opening in the browsers/devices default application
This will only work on images if the 5mb upload limit is set in additional features
It will not work for text based files
<a href="/folder/file?__xt_download=1"> link </a>
Test forced download
<b>Standard link</b><br />
<a href="/manual/xtgem/">XtGem index</a>
<hr />
<b>XtGem download link</b><br />
<a href="/manual/xtgem/files/italian_job.mp3?__xt_download=1">Download Italian Job</a>
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Standard link
XtGem index
XtGem download link
Download Italian Job