Include the contents of a text or html file in the current page at this point
Add block - Advanced - Advanced - Local file include
<xt:include file="/folder/file" />
NOTE:Only the content between the
tags is included from full HTML page files

The rest (all the headers) is discarded
Default must be declared first
This is mainly for includes that use xtgem "get" variables or are "printed" by xtscript
<xt:include default="/includes/default" file="/includes/no_such_file" />
To include a random file from a folder use /* instead of a file name at the end of the path
<xt:include file="/random_includes/*" />
If you wish to use multiple random file includes you need to add another parameter/value pair
The name of the parameter and its value is not important it must be inserted before the file parameter and the value must be unique for each include or you will get the same included file
<xt:include x="1" file="/random_includes/*" />
<xt:include x="2" file="/random_includes/*" />
You can also use regular expressions (regex) to filter random includes
You can only use regex in the filename portion the folder must be declared
The regex must contain at least one *(regex include is a actually a bug in the random include function)
The multiple use trick will not work on regex random include
<xt:include file="/random_includes/a*[0-9]*.txt" />
Will only random include from files with names that start with the letter 'a' contains at least 1 number and have a '.txt' extension