Header and footer auto content
XtGem reserved files
The _header and _footer files are automatically included at the top and bottom of all your pages
You can disable the _header and _footer for a page from the page options
The page options are ONLY available when the page is opened in the building tool
Pages with custom code not properly formatted or not created in the building tool can be corrupted by editing the page options or editing using the building tool
If you open a standard _header in the building tool there is a special navigation container named navigation
Navigation items are the only blocks you can add to a navigation container using the building tool
A navigation item has 3 options
You can add any content you wish above and below the navigation container
You can create more navigation containers just by creating a container with the name navigation
If your _header or _footer are html pages ONLY the content inside the
is used
The content inside the
is ignored.
The standard _footer is just a empty html page you have to add your own content
Again ONLY the content inside the
is used