Create a subdomain of your XtGem site
Subdomains are easy to set up but tricky to get working smoothly.
Basically any folder HTML page or even a media file page (no . file extensions allowed) can be a subdomain of your site all you need to do is create the folder and create a index file in it or just create the HTML page
The folder's index page the file or HTML page can then be accessed as

Click this link to open a subdomain of this site
Subdomains can be multi level
Click this link to open this HTML page as a multi level subdomain
Click this link to load an mp3 as a subdomain
Click this link to load an image as a subdomain
Click this link to download an image as a subdomain

There are two ways to code for a subdomain
The first method uses the
tag in the
area of the subdomain page or in the _headtags file of your main site as this is still automatically included
This tag makes all relative links on the subdomain page relative to the address specified in the tag
<base href="http://YOUR SITE.COM" />
You can then create the page in the subdomain folder using most of the building tools as normal

If you do not use the
tag these rules apply
These rules apply to all subdomains
You can upload a separate favicon.ico file which will be used when the page is accessed as a subdomain just upload it into the subdomain folder you can also add a link to the favicon in the pages
tags area

Note: The forum guestbook and chatroom functions will not work on subdomains
The blog function will work but will show the same blog as your main site
Xt:url function will only return correct urls for the subdomains index file if it is named in the url of the page