The _headtags file is appended to the end of the head tags area of all html pages
The _headtags file MUST be a plain text file in the main directory
It is used to hold the code you wish to add to the
<head> </head>
of all the html pages on your site.
It is included RAW without filtering
It cannot be turned off for individual pages in the page options
It must not be edited with the building tool or it will be corrupted
The standard _headtags file contains a special xt function
Normally this is used to link google fonts to the site
<xt:smart_device_str smart="..." decode="1" />
The html or other code in smart is appended to the
<head> </head>
at this point on smart devices and pc's only
Reserved characters must be converted to html entities
decode="1" means smart requires html entities to be decoded before insertion
If you have a use for it this function can be used anywhere in a XtGem page
smart can contain any normal html or js
It cannot contain xt functions xt widgets or xt script