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Xtgem custom pages _headtags

Page <head> auto-content

This file is used to hold any extra metatags , link rel statements , javascript etc that you wish to be included between the <head>...</head> tags of ALL html pages on your site

The <xt:smart_device_str smart="....." decode="1" > incudes the contents of the "smart" parameter on pc's and smart phones.
The string should be htmlspecialchars encoded.
The "decode" parameter instructs the parser to decode the contents of "smart" so for 99.9% of uses it should be 1

Keyword and description metatags can be set for EACH page from the options

Skip headtags script

If you have pages that you do not wish _headtags to be loaded on you will need to use some xtscript.
the list of pages and paths is entered in the $no_headtags_pages variable
each path requires a leading / (forward slash)
no spacing is required but you can add it for clarity if you wish
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