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Look and feel

All templatesSort files in file browser
select how to sort your files and the direction

Open HTML files with code editor
select if HTML pages open with the building tool or the code editor

Auto create index in new folders
Automatically create a index page in new folders.
The addition of a index file to folders prevents the contents from being listed directly by entering the address of the folder into the browser address bar
Web template onlyPrefer simple code editor
select to open files with "simple" or "highlighted" code editor

Do NOT automatically refresh the preview frame
select update method for the preview
NOTE: php users should set this to "yes" or php scripts will be executed in the preview frame possibly with damaging results especially if a script creates or deletes files

Disable WYSIWYG when adding a text block:
This does not actually disable the WYSIWYG editor.
It just switches the default preference from the visual editor to the standard tool
Mobile template onlyFiles listed per page in File Browser:
Css blocks listed per page in Stylesheet editor:
Blocks list per page in Building Tool:
Default files count in File Browser:
Default dirs count in File Browser

Settings for how many files/folders/blocks to display in the file browser/building tool/css editor
Default container folding
select whether to collapse the content of containers in the building tool

Profile settings

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site options

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