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Site options

Settings > site options
Page title for new pages
This sets the title for new pages created from this point onwards.
It does not change any existing pages title.

Site description for SEO
This sets the default page description for your site

Global keywords for SEO
This sets the default search keywords for your site

Any title description and keywords set in the page options will over-ride the defaults for that page

auto-Include XtGems JavaScript wrapper
This switches the javascript wrapper code that gets added to the end of each page to a simpler version

The wrapper fixes the width of the web xtgem_templates to 400px and makes a mobile built site look reasonable on larger screens
Most users should set this to on unless you want your site to go "wide screen"
This is the javascript for the wrapper
you may wish to modify this javascript and add a customised copy to the _footer instead

The simple version is used when the option is set to NO

Blog commenting restrictions
Default is none (anyone can comment)
Require input of email address
(The actions for require email are under development)
Only logged in users can comment

Site animations
Note: this may clash with your own custom javascripts

Various fancy screen loading animations
Try them and pick the one you like
Also see
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