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Xtgem Main Account Page

This is where you control your xtgem accountThis is the page you see when you login to your account there are many different sections to control all aspects of your account

Quick post

Quick post is used to easily add content to the blogs in any of sites in your account
you can select from: text , image , link or video


This is a link to your accounts global message inbox
The pms from ALL the forums you are a member of appear here

Content feeds

This page shows the latest blog posts from the sites you have subscribed to

Your sites

The list of your sites this is the default page.
log in to or view any of your sites from here


A list of the sites you are subscribed to with options to control those subscriptions

Profile settings

Set your community profile here and upload your avatar
If you have not uploaded a image and you have a Gravatar Linked to your email address that will be used instead

Change account email

Until your email has been confirmed you can just enter a new email address and a fresh confirmation email will be sent to the new address

Once a address has been confirmed for security reasons you can only change it by sending a permission request to the current email address.
So please choose your email provider wisely

Change account password

This option is for changing your accounts password when the old one is known
For lost passwords use the password reset link on the login page

Create new site

Once your email address has been confirmed you can create as many sites as you wish

Import existing site

Here owners of older sites using the original site name / password log in system can import those sites to the account
This is now required for all active sites as the old login system is being phased out

Manage sites

This page allows you to exclude sites from the main list and is also where transfer of sites from one account to another is initiated
transfer requires the cooperation of both parties and has email and password checks before the transfer can be completed
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