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The basic blog function

Blog is used to publish articles and snippets of information, while allowing visitors to comment on them.
The control panel for the blog function is built in to the building tool You may find it easier to add a blog function to a otherwise blank unpublished page and use that page to edit your blog or to add new posts and moderate the comments you can also moderate the comments from the comments tab in the main menu.
From the building tool you can set the following blog parameters

More options


Html only blog settings

Using the code editor you can set additional parameters for the blog function

Editing and adding posts

The maximum number of posts is 500

Xtfunctions xtwidgets and scripts in blogs

If html is enabled you can use:
You cannot use xtscript in a blog
but you can use a blog in xtscript.


The comment system is linked to the xt:auth blog subscription service
The comment system allows unlimited multiple branches and threads of comments and replies for each post
Comments can be moderated from the blog function in the building tool
or from the "comments" tab in the panel

Comment options

In the "Site options" there is a menu for
"Blog commenting restrictions"
the options are

Community name

In the "profile settings" on your account page You can set a "community name"
This will be used when posting comments on all xtgem sites when you are logged in
If you have not set one you will be prompted to set one before you can comment

BBcode and Smilies for Xtblog

For non html comments and posts
 :( =:(  :DD =:DD  :D =:D  :o =:o  0_0 =0_0  :P =:P  B) =B)  >:( =>:(  O_O =o_O  >_> =>_>  -_- =-_-  :-( =:-(  :-) =:-)  ^^ =^^  ;) =;)  O:-) =O:-)  :p =:p  ;-D =;-D  :*( =:*(  ]:-> =]:->  (y) =(y)  <3 =<3  :* =:*  :-)) =:-))  [:) =[:)  [:-) =[:-)  :-O =:-O  ?-| =?-|  :aggressive: =:aggressive:  :bomb: =:bomb:  :bye: =:bye:  :celebrate: =:celebrate:  :clap =:clap:  :confused: =:confused:  :crazy: =:crazy:  :dance: =:dance:  :drink: =:drink:  :fool: =:fool:  :inlove: =:inlove:  :LOL: =:LOL:  :lol: =:lol:  :mamba: =:mamba:  :mock: =:mock:  :pardon: =:pardon:  :rofl: =:rofl:  :rolleyes: =:rolleyes:  :rose: =:rose:  :secret: =:secret:  :shy: =:shy:  :sick: =:sick:  :sorry: =:sorry:  :wack: =:wack:  :wacko: =:wacko:  :yay: =:yay:

CSS styling

Users of one of xtgems templates will find that a lot of the css styling is included in the template but you can still set many extra classes in the global stylesheet file.
For users creating their own stylesheet or just adding a few extra styles the css classes are demonstrated on this site
Xt blog css demonstration site

Version one classes

Here are a blank set of the version 1 classes
Blog v1css classes (blank)

Advanced users

You can use a twig template for xtgems blog function
The code for the template is available HERE
To use twig for the blog function create a folder named _xtgem_templates
And copy the code from the above link to xtblog.twig
Twig documentation
The best way to find out about the latest updates or the twig template for the blog function is to visit the xtgem forum
XtGems Forum
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