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Site templates

You will find the link to the site templates in the panel menu

Mobile and touch templates

Tweak colors for current template
Here you can adjust the main colors of the site template.
The number of colors you can adjust depends on the site template being used
The complimentary colors are adjusted automatically based on these settings

Next - Previous
Go to the next template or back to the last one
Confirm & customize template
select this template and move on to the customisation screen
Customisation select one of the pre-set color templates or go back to the selection screen
adjust the basic colors (complementary colors are automatically adjusted)
and confirm the template

Start from scratch
select a new template and reset
index _header _footer and _headtags files
all other files are unaffected
Any content you have set in the
index _header _footer and _headtags files will be lost
So MAKE BACKUPS of these files if there is any content you wish to keep

settings are as above plus you can change the main title and names of the "blog" and "about me" navigation links (new files are created if you change the names the old ones are not deleted)

Web template

The web template version of the site templates tool has more options and settings than the mobile tool
You can also upload a logo for your site and add it to the header file and you can add more navigation items
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