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Page options

The page options are ONLY available from the building tool
page title
Set the title for the current page
This may be used by search engines so make it relevant and accurate
Avoid simple titles like "home" or "profile"
Page description
Also may be used by search engines So again keep it relevant there is a lot of information that can be passed to the search engine by proper use of the page title and description
More information from google
Page keywords
The major search engines DONOT use the keywords meta tag for search or ranking so you can ignore this tag if you wish
There is some evidence that a "stuffed" keywords meta tag can have a NEGATIVE result
if you are going to use it
It should be a comma separated list of the "key" search terms
For the global title keywords and description
(for pages where you have not set your own )
Site options
Background color text color and page class can cause conflicts with Your other css and their use should be avoided
Background color
a background color set here will overrule colors set in your other css files
As above for text color
Page class
Select a class for the body tag from those in global_stylesheet.css or the pages internal stylesheet
Include header and footer
checkboxes for _header and _footer automatic content
Xtgem stylesheets
Check boxes to include the xtgem_template and global_stylesheet css files
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