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File browser
The standard maximum size of file
that can be uploaded is 2mb
The total amount of space is not limited
There is a option in
settings -> additional features
That allows you to upload files of up to 5 mb
if this option is set ALL download files will show an intermediate xtgem download page with advertising
if the option is reset all files over 2mb will become unavailable
Xtgem has NO restrictions on the types of files that can be uploadedAny device or network restrictions on uploaded files or types of file are beyond our control
All folders have upload links at the bottom of the page.
You can either upload from your devices files or
enter the address of a file on another site (remote server upload)
Note : Spaces in remote server upload urls MUST be encoded as %20 or the upload will fail
for example
Will work

http://syntax.xtgem.com/images/a test file.png
Will NOT work

Files will be uploaded into the CURRENT FOLDER
Also see
DownloadingFileLinkNew pageCreate file / folderFilelist
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